Secrets for the World to See

May 12, 2008

I’m sure this is all very old news, but in case there are other writers/readers out there with their noses in a book or notebook, instead of staring at the web, here’s a great site. It is called Post Secret. People mail in (the old-fashioned way) postcards with their secrets on them, and they are collected and some are posted online or even published in hard copy. I found the current collection in honor of Mother’s Day, especially intriguing. (Look fast – a new round of cards is posted every Sunday!)

More than all of that, however, as a writer, I see “prompts”. Not only do I imagine the “real life” stories behind all of the cards – but I can easily see how I could develop my own characters and plots based on these cards. I had seen some of the published books in a bookstore – and for some reason, the online version does more for me. But I hadn’t really consciously thought of these as writing prompts until now.

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