Word of the Year (2011) – Real

January 1, 2011

I still feel a little uncertain about this, but this year (2011), I’m choosing “real” as my word of the year.

I want my dream of writing a book to become real this year. Well – correction — I’m already writing it.  So it is becoming real. But I want to get done with it. Submit it to the publisher. Make it move from manuscript to finished “reality” – a published book.

I also realize I need to do a little “getting real” with myself, too. Real-ly- what do I want out of life, myself, my career, my  geographic location, the place I call home? Where is “home”, real-ly, for me? What do I want to become real in my life in the coming year?

What is the real issue(s) between myself and my family member(s) that makes in-person communication so painful? What is really behind all of my anger, which seems increasingly manifesting itself in my life, even when I try to put reins on it and bring it under my control, like a startled and panicky horse. I thought I’d gotten past the point of being an angry temperamental child decades ago. Apparently not.

The promising starts I made on some new efforts this past fall – will they become real, too? It’s hard to know, very ethereal by nature – but I suppose I will “know them when I see them.”

And now, let me look briefly back. My words last  year were:

Persistence and Patience

Both of them I chose mostly as they related to my book. Well, the book is still in progress, though I’m much much further along now than when I posted on New Year’s of 2010. My persistence has definitely paid off, because I really am very close to nearly finishing up my manuscript.

Patience….well, I always need help with patience. It is just not in my nature to be patient. I noticed this with family over the holidays. Not pretty.  But I am trying to be patient with myself as I continue working on my book.  And having faith that I will be able to see it through to completion. I want to make it REAL. I believe it will be, very soon, in 2011.

© 2011, writingreading

Words of the Year (2010): Persistence/Patience

January 5, 2010

Last year, I posted a “Word of the Year” instead of doing a New Year’s Resolution. I’ve never been much for the latter, but I really enjoyed choosing a WotY. Last year, my word was “Believe.” Mostly, I chose it because I wanted to believe in myself as a writer. And as 2009 came to a close, I could tally 2 upcoming articles accepted and awaiting publication in the coming year, and I’m significantly closer to completing my non-fiction book that I have been working on for about two years. I think and hope that in 2010 I will get it finished!

So, for 2010, I’ve actually selected two words. I couldn’t decide on just one. They are:  PERSISTENCE / PATIENCE.   To me, they have very similar qualities, and I think I’ll need a lot of both to get through this upcoming year – and to successfully meet my goals of completing my book manuscript.

I need PERSISTENCE to keep on writing, to keep believing (building on last year’s word), and to keep going, even when I get tired, discouraged, procrastinate too much, or begin to think that despite the work I’ve already done, that I may never get finished.

I need PATIENCE because by rushing my book to completion, I’ll set myself up for disappointment. In fact, rushing things will be the fastest way to doom myself to failure. Rushing and impatience would make me get sloppy, lackadaisical, and ultimately could self-sabotage the entire effort. I also know I’ll need patience to face some personal challenges and changes I’ll be experiencing at work. Since I’ve decided on patience as one of my Words of the Year, I actually have a lot more peace about the impending changes, some of which start right away.

Last year was the first time I had done a Word of the Year approach, and I really liked it a lot. As I was reflecting on this tonight, I realized that this approach actually is a lot more satisfying and nearly a fail-safe way to approach the new year. A resolution is soon broken. But a WotY stays with you, and can help guide you if you need direction or inspiration. You really can’t mess it up. Just Believe, have Patience, and be Persistent!

© writingreading, 2010

Word of the Year (’09) – Believe!

January 4, 2009

Christine Kane suggests choosing a Word for the year, rather than making a resolution, and being a wordy and idealistic type, I think that sounds like a great idea!

So my word is going to be: BELIEVE!!

I find the most insidious evil thing in supporting my ongoing procrastination on my book is Doubt. I wish I could write that with a small D – but right now, it is just that big.

I doubt that I will ever get finished. I doubt (despite all evidence to the contrary) that I have anything new or original to say. I doubt that the cause is worthwhile. I doubt I’ll have time. Or interest. Or linguistic skills or typing skills or concentration or persistence or on and on and on.

These doubts are really just excuses, and they keep me hampered, sometimes even buried.

If I BELIEVED my subject was worth writing about, that it truly is the purpose of my life to write about it, that it really is a book that needs writing – if I really believed all this were true, then I would ACT like it – and WRITE!!!

Too often, lately, I’ve found myself dreamily fantasizing about writing – but doing nothing. Or – like now – surfing the internet instead. Then, it’s late – time for dinner or for bed or the next Thing – and another day gone, “wasted” as far as writing goes.

If I only BELIEVE – then I think my writing will show it. Not just by my productivity – actually doing it – but the depth and passion that I bring to it. I know it is there – I just have to believe in it, myself.

Christine Kane proposes following the BE-DO-HAVE model. Choose a word to guide you throughout the year, to guide you to be the person you want to be. Base your actions upon the word you choose. So – if I Believe, then I will Write (do) with the outcome of having a published book! Ta-da!! Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Kane explains her concept far more eloquently than I do here – and ironically enough, I just realized she does not list “Belief” as one of her possible Guide Words – but it seems right for me, for now, for this year, and so I’m going to try it on and see how it goes.

Best wishes for you and your Guide Word in the New Year!

© writingreading, 2009