Grocery shopping was never this much fun!

September 28, 2008

What a hoot! One of the most hilarious books I’ve read recently has to be Hillary Carlip’s A la Cart: The Secret Lives of Grocery Shoppers.

OK, so it sounds weird – and it is – but what Carlip has done is to take abandoned shopping lists, and invented characters around them. But she goes it all one better, and dresses up as the characters she’s invented. Think: Tracey Ullman goes grocery shopping!

Carlip has written full biographies of her characters, but what really is the kicker is the photographs in this book. Take a look at her video to see some previews (warning: contains PG-13 material and some content may be mildly offensive.) Her transformations into the various characters are amazing (only 1 or 2 are not thoroughly convincing) and hilarious! Quirky, but cool!

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