High Heels, or Elephants?

September 10, 2009

I’m no physicist, and even less of a mathematician, so my ability to fully understand the data at the  Pressure Under High Heels page  is limited, but the important point is this:  a woman in high heels exerts significantly greater pressure and force than…yes, an elephant!

One scientist (or whoever these folks are who study these “weighty” concepts) puts it this way – would you rather have your hand run over by 10 women in high heels or a herd of elephants?  Opt for the elephants, my friends!

No wonder my mother’s feet are literally crippled from years of wearing heels. No wonder – and perhaps now, I’m grateful – that I literally cannot wear them (doctor’s orders).

And one of these folks even compares the pressure exerted by a woman’s typical shoe heel versus a man’s typical shoe heel. The guy, he’s cruising easy. The woman – well, let’s just say there’s a reason they are called “stiletto” heels. Sure, they can be used in self-defense – but they are also suicidal. Kinda gives the term “sensible shoes” a whole new meaning.

Check out the findings at: Pressure Under High Heels and see the proof for yourself!

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