Confidence Makes a Comeback

I’ve been working on a non-fiction book for a very very long time. So long that I’m tired of it. I just want it to be over, now. I’m not discouraged – just ready for it to be done, is all.

Well, today, I’m feeling like it might just be possible. I may be – possibly – beginning to close in on it.  I read two of my chapters yesterday, and a third today – and although they still definitely need some work, they for the most part “flow” – just need some sanding of the rough edges.

What really got me excited was that each chapter only took me about an hour to read. That’s about as long as a “regular” chapter in an already published book takes me to read. That tells me I’m on target!

We’ll see if the rest of the chapters come out so well.  I rather doubt they will only  because I had marked these first three as “more finished” than the others. But it still gives me motivation. I really am beginning to think this may be possible!

© writingreading, 2009

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