Confidence Makes a Comeback

August 12, 2009

I’ve been working on a non-fiction book for a very very long time. So long that I’m tired of it. I just want it to be over, now. I’m not discouraged – just ready for it to be done, is all.

Well, today, I’m feeling like it might just be possible. I may be – possibly – beginning to close in on it.  I read two of my chapters yesterday, and a third today – and although they still definitely need some work, they for the most part “flow” – just need some sanding of the rough edges.

What really got me excited was that each chapter only took me about an hour to read. That’s about as long as a “regular” chapter in an already published book takes me to read. That tells me I’m on target!

We’ll see if the rest of the chapters come out so well.  I rather doubt they will only  because I had marked these first three as “more finished” than the others. But it still gives me motivation. I really am beginning to think this may be possible!

© writingreading, 2009

Encouragement – Pass it On

August 10, 2009

I’ve written before about how a good friend of mine encouraged me to pursue my dream of writing a book.  Two days ago, I had the opportunity to do the same for someone else.

This person is a friend who is a gifted but very private poet, who has shared her work with me over the past several years. Her poems are intensely personal – but bearing the mark of the best writing – they are also universal. The reader can relate – either because she herself has experienced some of the same situations, the same emotions, or just is given insight into what that must be like, from that writer’s perspective.

This friend told me – at first with great assertion – then quickly changing to fear and uncertainty – “I’ve decided I’m going to publish.”  I was thrilled. I had believed for a long time that her poems would find a ready audience, and that they should be shared.

Like my other friend from several years back, I was able to tell this friend, now, to “Go for it! You deserve this. It is important. You can do it. And yes, you (and your writing) are good enough!”

It was a privilege and an honor. And I cannot wait to see where this journey is going to take her. She is a strong woman, and a talented writer, whom I admire very much. I’m so lucky to be able to call her my friend – and luckier still to be in a place where I can give her encouragement  in this endeavor. Just like someone else did for me a few years ago. It changed my life.

© writingreading, 2009