Your Brain on God?

Heard a fascinating story on NPR today. I missed the beginning, but it is about near-death experiences and as part of the story, they interviewed a woman who had an experience while undergoing surgery that is flat-out weird and uncanny – even eerie. She had an out of body experience where she saw herself on the operating table, counted 20 doctors in the room, identified and described medical instruments in use, and even commented upon hearing the song “Hotel California” playing while they were operating. All of what she described was confirmed and true, even though she was completely unconscious, her eyes were taped shut (part of the surgery procedure) and she was even wearing headphones to help the surgeons monitor her brain activity while she was undergoing surgery.

I’m a skeptic when it comes to such things, but the details on her story, and the impossibility of her being able to know these things through “conventional” methods, really made me wonder about this one.

Listen to the full story at NPR, and draw your own conclusions.

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