St. Becca of Tennessee

I’m tempted to make this a “Famous Women You’ve Never Heard Of” post – but I think of those entries as primarily historical – and this is a living breathing Saint of a woman – so I’ll have to think of something different to call this post.

The amazing, inspiring, incredible-beyond-words woman I am talking about is Rev. Becca Stevens. She runs essentially a “half-way house” for prostitutes and helps them get out of the trap and tragedy of that kind of life. What is truly amazing is the way that she believes in these women, and the way she sees them as whole people, and ultimately, people worth saving, worth helping, and truly, she devotes her life to helping them.

I learned about her work a few years ago, but periodically, every so often, it comes to my attention again. The story of Magdalene House is shown in a documentary film called “Chances: The Women of Magdalene” and it is a truly inspiring story. Rev. Stevens has also written several books, and the women of Magdalene operate their own business, making home made and natural bath and body products, as a means for personal and spiritual healing for themselves, and sell the products as a way to help support the work of Magdalene House.

I truly believe Rev. Stevens is the “Mother Teresa” of America, and her compassion and dedication to this effort is astonishing and powerful. I rarely think of compassion as being a force of Power but what Stevens does is truly nothing short of miraculous, and is like capturing and bottling the energy of the Sun. It brings Light and Life.

Learn more about Magdalene House, shop Thistle Farms, or just learn more about Rev. Stevens at her blog.

She is an amazing and inspiring woman, regardless of your walk of life, personal background, religion, or beliefs. If the rest of the world had only 25% of her energy and compassion, what a blissful, beautiful place it would be.

© writingreading, 2009


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