Pictures, Poetry & Prose

Today a visual prompt I submitted was posted on Pictures, Poetry, & Prose! Even though it is out of the mainstream, in terms of the kinds of things she usually uses as prompts, it was very exciting to be accepted. It is really interesting to see how people are responding to it through their writing, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what people write as the week progresses.

It’s not fair for me to post my own writing, there, in response to my own prompt, but I would like to take a stab at it, here.  I’m not going to post the visual, here, so that you will have to be sure and visit PP&P if you want to see it. Then, you can post your own writing in response to it there.

Here we go.


It was an erratic heartbeat. A kthump-kthump followed by a long pause, then an awkward kthump, and another long suspenseful pause.  She felt herself slipping, succumbing, gasping for breath but not knowing how. She was becoming light-headed. Nearing unconsciousness. And she wasn’t sure she wanted to continue the struggle. Suffocating, she felt so helpless, and she felt her strength draining away. She loosened her grip, dropped her hand at her side.

Then awakened.


This was totally spontaneous writing on my part. I created the visual about a week ago, just because it seemed to summarize how I was feeling at the time.  I haven’t thought much about it, or writing about it, since.

There were some other things that I had hoped would come out in my writing, above, but didn’t manage to find their way in there – maybe I should try again, in a completely new version, in a poem. The other images were more just about the visuals, anyway, so maybe I will try that just for grins on another day.  One of the recent Creative Every Day challenges was to write a poem. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that, so maybe this will give me incentive to give it a try!

© writingreading, 2009

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