Creative Every Day – Key to Winter

Today is the first prompt for the month of February at Creative Every Day. This is a bonus day, because Leah (of CED) is sharing her artwork at Pictures, Poetry and Prose to use as a writing prompt!

I love this picture Leah has created, and although I have not really explored it, yet, I really like what I am seeing at PP&P, too! If you are ever in need of a writing prompt, take a look. And if you really want to put the Every Day into your Creative – that’s another reason to visit the PP&P site.

I posted my writing, there at PP&P, but I will post it here as well. It might be interesting to read the writing, first, and then go visit the site to see the image that inspired it. I’d be interested in hearing from you about what you think about what I’ve written, as it relates to the image.

I’m being a little more literal here than I would like, but I do like some of the turns of phrase and expressions that came out of this.

The lotus blossomed at her feet, and flowers surrounded her. Thistle, daisy, chrysanthemum. Tree branches stretched out their arms to envelope her, but she remained just out of their reach, pristine, cool, and dignified. Frozen sunlight danced through the morning air, splintering into prisms as she glided across the earth. A shadow-bird ruffled his feathers nearby, keeping watch over her shoulder. A woodland thrush chirrupped his perky greeting as he nestled in the loose leaves and twigs at her feet.

She was a striking image in the frozen landscape, bundled in her blue velvet bodice, warm beneath her long heavy wool skirt. Subdued, but festive, the blue-green accents on her charcoal skirt gave her a lively air, though her quiet respect for the land around her permeated her every step.

She breathed deeply of the morning air, letting its freshness fill the corners of her lungs. She exhaled, watching as the fog created by the warmth of her breath shone in the morning sun.

“The key to winter,” she had said to her husband, as she walked out the door, “is enjoying it while it is here.” She savored these days of brightness, of fresh snow and pastel twilight. She knew winter was a rare gift of sapphire, of frozen heat, and unacknowledged life.

© writingreading, 2009


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