Procrastination: Read, instead of Write

December 7, 2008

Yesterday a friend shared with me a writing quote that was very inspiring. It turned out it was from a book I have, but have not yet read. I’ve had to resist the temptation to go pull it off the shelf and start reading it.

One of the best ways I know to procrastinate on my writing – is to read about writing. How perfect! I can read about writing instead of doing it!

So far, I am managing OK to avoid this – probably because I’ve had a good run lately with my actual writing. I’m getting lots done and it is progressing well.

But Beware the Writing Book. It is procrastination poison in a candy-wrapped shell!

© writingreading, 2008

We Can Make Beautiful Music Together!

December 5, 2008

Just saw an incredible video on PBS. It is about Mark Johnson, who has made a film called “Playing for Change.” He filmed musicians all over the world, playing the same song, then edited them all together so it is an ensemble performance.

It is moving, and amazing. Johnson’s premise is that music unites all of us, and even though we may be from different cultures, nations, races, religions, music can transcend all of the other things that may try to divide us.

It is a powerful concept, and a powerful video. Inspiring and moving.

Johnson’s even started music schools in places throughout the world to make his vision real, and to help people who live in desperate circumstances find solace and hope through music.

There’s really no need for me to say anything further – except to encourage you to check out the links above, and see and hear it for yourself!

I just found out that Johnson is also guest blogging at Bill Moyers’ Journal – so you can follow up on this story, there.

© writingreading, 2008