Guilt Trip – or, Blogging as Procrastination

I knew this would happen, and that being new to blogging, there would be some semi-significant startup time – but I spent virtually all day yesterday getting underway. I don’t mind it, and it was my choice of course, but the truth is that I should have been writing on My Book (a large non-fiction work in progress, which probably won’t be described in much more detail) all day yesterday. As much as I was wanting to start a blog about writing, I knew it held great peril for me as an excellent and enticing procrastination tool. And of course, I’m doing it again tonight.

That’ll be OK I think, in the long run. After all, doesn’t it “count” – as long as I am Writing?! I think it must – but the nagging doubts remain. I’m hopeful that blogging will enable me to write about things I normally wouldn’t, to engage in conversation with far-off (and maybe far-out!) friends, and to keep my fingers and brain nimble and writing away, even when the words don’t seem to come for my other projects. That being said, I really do have other offline projects I must be diligent about, so I’m hopeful that after the first few initial posts – just for me to get the hang and feel of things – I might not post more than maybe once a week or so. That way, for both me as the writer, and you as the reader, things won’t get too stale or forced. We’ll see, and thanks for taking the journey with me!

©2008 writingreading

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